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Data Structures

struct  tSmbStrHeader
struct  tSmbNtlmAuthRequest
struct  tSmbNtlmAuthChallenge
struct  tSmbNtlmAuthResponse


#define SmbLength(ptr)   (((ptr)->buffer - (uint8*)(ptr)) + (ptr)->bufIndex)


typedef unsigned short uint16
typedef unsigned int uint32
typedef unsigned char uint8


void BuildAuthRequest (tSmbNtlmAuthRequest *request, long flags, char *host, char *domain)
void buildAuthResponse (tSmbNtlmAuthChallenge *challenge, tSmbNtlmAuthResponse *response, long flags, char *user, char *password, char *domain, char *host)
int from64tobits (char *out, const char *in)
void to64frombits (unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, int inlen)
void dumpAuthRequest (FILE *fp, tSmbNtlmAuthRequest *request)
void dumpAuthChallenge (FILE *fp, tSmbNtlmAuthChallenge *challenge)
void dumpAuthResponse (FILE *fp, tSmbNtlmAuthResponse *response)

Define Documentation

#define SmbLength ( ptr   )     (((ptr)->buffer - (uint8*)(ptr)) + (ptr)->bufIndex)

Definition at line 142 of file ntlm.h.

Referenced by SendHttpRequest().

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned short uint16

Definition at line 70 of file ntlm.h.

typedef unsigned int uint32

Definition at line 71 of file ntlm.h.

typedef unsigned char uint8

Definition at line 72 of file ntlm.h.

Function Documentation

void BuildAuthRequest ( tSmbNtlmAuthRequest request,
long  flags,
char *  host,
char *  domain 

Definition at line 1217 of file ntlm.cpp.

Referenced by SendHttpRequest().

void buildAuthResponse ( tSmbNtlmAuthChallenge challenge,
tSmbNtlmAuthResponse response,
long  flags,
char *  user,
char *  password,
char *  domain,
char *  host 

Definition at line 1247 of file ntlm.cpp.

Referenced by SendHttpRequest().

void dumpAuthChallenge ( FILE *  fp,
tSmbNtlmAuthChallenge challenge 

void dumpAuthRequest ( FILE *  fp,
tSmbNtlmAuthRequest request 

void dumpAuthResponse ( FILE *  fp,
tSmbNtlmAuthResponse response 

int from64tobits ( char *  out,
const char *  in 

Definition at line 1401 of file ntlm.cpp.

Referenced by SendHttpRequest().

void to64frombits ( unsigned char *  out,
const unsigned char *  in,
int  inlen 

Definition at line 1375 of file ntlm.cpp.

Referenced by SendHttpRequest().

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