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We are currently working at spain in the IT private sector, focused on mobile .NET application development and security related tasks, like forensics, ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis, and wireless security.. .

Andres Tarasco is working as the Consulting Director at Tarlogic Security in several computer security projects.

Miguel Tarasco worked as an investigator on an R&D department at Santiago de compostela University and currently is the head of the research and development department at Tarlogic Security

If you want to contact us ( Security Training, penetration tests, forensic analysis,..), you can reach us by email.

Contact Information:

- Andres Tarasco Acuña - > Diario de un mercernary hat

- Miguel Tarasco Acuña - Web: Lockpicking spain

Some external links to websites i use to read:

- 48bits: Nice spanish security blog.

- 514.es: Another spanish security blog from the SIA TigerTeam.

- reversemode: Advanced Reverse Engineering Services.

About US

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