HTTP/1.1 library - Fast HTTP Vulnerability scanner core api


We have published an HTTP/1.1 library that allows easier HTTP related applications developing. Our multithreading library is able to handle HTTP and HTTPS connections and several authentication methods.

Our goal was to develop a fast HTTP library that helps to launch bruteforce attacks against HTTP devices, like THC hydra. However, this initial library was improved several times and those improvements made a fully working library. FHscan Core library is able to handle persistent connections, is linked with openssl and zlib, and runs in multithreading environment under Windows and *nix.

HTTP Library source code

This library have been used to develop Fast HTTP Auth Scanner and other web tools.


This library compiles under Win32 (Tested with borland Visual studio 6, Visual studio 2003) and under linux (tested with gcc 4.x).
To make this library run, just add to your project the http.lib and include the http header HTTP.h. Online documentation, created with doxygen, have been added here to make the implementation easier.


There are several changes in the lastest version (FHSCAN HTTP CORE LIBRARY 1.1):
- New bandwidth limit algoritm included.
- HTTP data is now saved to files and mapped to memory (more speed and less memory).
- New api for defining global configuration options (like HTTP Proxy or bandwidth limit)
- Added full callbacks support (gzip and deflate, chunk encoding)

Download (FHscan HTTP Core Api v1.1 Source code)

HTTP/1.1 library - Fast HTTP Vulnerability scanner core api

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