HCT v0.4


HCT (haxorcitos console tool) was one of our first developed tools. This tool includes features from software like pslist, pskill, whoami, psinfo, netcat and sc.exe

haxorcitos console tool

Its able to show system information , process, services, modify them and also provide bindshell. Unfortunatelly i lost the source code and the binary from lastest v1.0 version time ago.


Usage information:
Haxorcitos Console Tool v0.4
Programmed by [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.3WDesign.es Copyright (c) 2003

Usage: Hct.exe -s[lvdsSp]p[kwl[v]]ri [arguments]

-sl * List all services.
-sv <ServiceName> * View service configuration details.
-sd <ServiceName> * Delete a service.
-ss <ServiceName> * Stops a service.
-sS <ServiceName> * Start a service.
-sp <ServiceName> * Pause a service.
-si <ServiceName> <DisplayName> <Path> * Install a new service.
-sm <ServiceName> * modify service configuration.
-pl [PID|process] * List [All] Running proccesses.
-plv [PID|process] * List verbose information about [All] Running processes.
-pk <SPID|process> * Kill a process.
-pw * Shows Process owner (whoami).
-r <SIP> <SPORT> * Spawns a shell in the remote Host(nc listening in the other side)
-i * System Information

Download (Windows executable )

HCT v0.4

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