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Welcome to Tarasco security. This website is managed by Andres Tarascó Acuña and Miguel Tarascó Acuña and our goal is to collect some of the security related tools that we have been developing in the last years. These proof of concept tools and exploits were posted in the past in several places like Haxorcitos , 514 , Rkdetector or 48Bits

These tools have been developed by us, and most of them include source code but others are freeware (or we just lost the source code due to hard drive failure). You are allowed to use this software at your own risk, mostly for security reviews, information gathering or forensics.

If you want to check our advisories, tools and exploits, please click into the tools section, or go to the exploit codes section to view our our published exploit codes

As soon as we can, we will continue developing new features to our software, and publishing some other interesting stuff, like lockpicking researchs ;-).

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Updates and latest news:

+ Did you know Acrylic Wifi?. Our team have developed several WiFi products that supports monitor mode capture under windows: An advanced wifi analyzer for troubleshooting wlan networks (Acrylic WiFi Professional) and site survey wifi software (Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps). Law enforcement software versions for WiFi tracking are also available.

WiFi analyzer windows

+ OWISAM: Open Wireless Security Assessment methodology was developed by our team and is already released. Most content is still untraslated. Help us to improve owisam.

+ Follow us on Twitter.

+ Updated Fhscan releases at Google Code(Oct 2009 -updated).

+ FindPassword modification to allow to extract Novell passwords from winlogon memory (Oct 2009 -updated).

+ Fhscan Proxy - Our new tool for Web pentesting.

+ New version of Fast HTTP Vulnerability Scanner (FHScan).

+ New version (v1.2) of HTTP library (HTTPCORE).

+ Published Smbrelay3 attack tool for NTLM protocol.

+ Fscan HTTP Proxy developed. Improved Fscan core API

+ Fscan v1.0 project and Fscan HTTP Core API published

+ At this time Doxygen documentation for some applications have been added

+ Srvcheck version 3 published. This version allows scanning and attack methods are improved.

Welcome to Tarasco Security

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