Reverse Proxy Engine


Some times you need to stablish connections against hosts that are at the other side of a firewall or a NAT device. The only way to reach those systems is against a vpn solution, if available.

However a vpn server is not allways a valid solution when you do not administrate the network infraestructure (like for example university computers, or with pymes). Our tool is the solution for those scenarios. The Reverse Proxy Engine allows you to stablish reverse connections from the server against our listening client, that is listening on a public (or nated) port. Using the reverse stablished connection we can used that control socket redirect as many ports as we want against internal network computers and use as a bidirectional comunication channel.

If you instruct the proxy engine to dinamically redirect ports, like your local port against, with this solution you are able to stablish connections with a Terminal server client against your computer ( ) but the connection endpoint will be the remote computer in the firewalled network.

reverse tcp connection

This tool will allow to bypass firewall rules and connect back to target clients


For more information, read the application source code/README, as no documentation have been develeped yet.

Download (Windows executable + Source code)

Reverse Proxy Engine

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