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#include "httprelay.h"
#include "payload.h"

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int HandleIncommingHTTPRequest (RELAY *relay, char *destinationhostname, int destinationport)
int ReadRequest (RELAY *relay, char *request, int requestsize)
char ** ParseHeaders (char *lpBuffer, unsigned int *nheaders)
char * GetHeaderValue (char **header, int nheaders, char *Header)


int verbose
int ProxySMB

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char* GetHeaderValue ( char **  header,
int  nheaders,
char *  Header 

Definition at line 336 of file httprelay.cpp.

References _strnicmp.

Referenced by HandleIncommingHTTPRequest().

int HandleIncommingHTTPRequest ( RELAY relay,
char *  destinationhostname,
int  destinationport 

Definition at line 49 of file httprelay.cpp.

References AddDialect(), buildAuthResponse(), BuildSmbPacket(), BuildSmbPacket1(), CleanLine(), ConnectToRemoteHost(), debug, RELAY::destination, dumpAuthChallenge(), dumpAuthResponse(), DumpMem(), ExecuteCode(), from64tobits(), GetHeaderValue(), GetNTLMPacketFromSmbPacket, GetNTLMPacketInfo(), GetSmbPacket2(), NEGOTIATEPROTOCOLREQUEST, ParseHeaders(), ProxySMB, ReadRequest(), SendBytesAndWaitForResponse(), SESSIONSETUPANDX, SmbLength, SmbPacketLen, SMBWAITTIMEOUT, RELAY::source, SpoofedChallengeKey, to64frombits(), and verbose.

Referenced by ReplayAttackAgainst().

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char** ParseHeaders ( char *  lpBuffer,
unsigned int *  nheaders 

Definition at line 306 of file httprelay.cpp.

Referenced by HandleIncommingHTTPRequest().

int ReadRequest ( RELAY relay,
char *  request,
int  requestsize 

Definition at line 291 of file httprelay.cpp.

References RELAY::source.

Referenced by HandleIncommingHTTPRequest().

Variable Documentation

int ProxySMB

Definition at line 135 of file smbrelay3.cpp.

Referenced by HandleIncommingHTTPRequest().

int verbose

Definition at line 147 of file smbrelay3.cpp.

Referenced by ExecuteCode(), HandleIncommingHTTPRequest(), HandleIncommingIMAPRequest(), HandleIncommingPOP3Request(), HandleIncommingSmbRequest(), HandleIncommingSMTPRequest(), main(), StablishNTLMSession(), and WriteRemoteFile().

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