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#include "pop3relay.h"
#include "payload.h"

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#define ERRORR   "-ERR The specified authentication package is not supported.\r\n"
#define CAPA   "+OK Capability list follows\r\nAUTH NTLM\r\n+OK\r\n"
#define AUTH   "+OK The operation completed successfully.\r\nNTLM\r\n.\r\n"
#define AUTHOK   "+OK User successfully logged on.\r\n"
#define AUTHERROR   "-ERR Authentication Failed\r\n"


int HandleIncommingPOP3Request (RELAY *relay, char *destinationhostname, int destinationport)


int verbose

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#define AUTH   "+OK The operation completed successfully.\r\nNTLM\r\n.\r\n"

Referenced by HandleIncommingPOP3Request().

#define AUTHERROR   "-ERR Authentication Failed\r\n"

#define AUTHOK   "+OK User successfully logged on.\r\n"

#define CAPA   "+OK Capability list follows\r\nAUTH NTLM\r\n+OK\r\n"

Referenced by HandleIncommingPOP3Request().

#define ERRORR   "-ERR The specified authentication package is not supported.\r\n"

Referenced by HandleIncommingPOP3Request().

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int HandleIncommingPOP3Request ( RELAY relay,
char *  destinationhostname,
int  destinationport 

Definition at line 20 of file pop3relay.cpp.

References AddDialect(), AUTH, AUTHERROR, AUTHOK, buildAuthResponse(), BuildSmbPacket(), BuildSmbPacket1(), CAPA, ConnectToRemoteHost(), debug, RELAY::destination, dumpAuthChallenge(), dumpAuthRequest(), dumpAuthResponse(), DumpMem(), ERRORR, ExecuteCode(), from64tobits(), GetNTLMPacketFromSmbPacket, GetNTLMPacketInfo(), GetSmbPacket2(), NEGOTIATEPROTOCOLREQUEST, SendBytesAndWaitForResponse(), SESSIONSETUPANDX, SmbLength, SmbPacketLen, SMBWAITTIMEOUT, RELAY::source, to64frombits(), and verbose.

Referenced by ReplayAttackAgainst().

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int verbose

Definition at line 147 of file smbrelay3.cpp.

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