NegotiateProtocolResponse Struct Reference

#include <smb.h>

Data Fields

uint8 WordCount
uint16 DialecIndex
uint8 SecurityMode
uint16 MaxMxpCount
uint16 MaxVcs
uint32 MaxBufferSize
uint32 MaxRawBuffer
uint32 SessionKey
uint32 Capabilities
uint8 ServerTime [8]
uint16 ServerTimeZone
uint8 KeyLength
uint16 ByteCount
uint8 ServerGuid [16]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 395 of file smb.h.

Field Documentation

uint8 NegotiateProtocolResponse::WordCount

Definition at line 396 of file smb.h.

uint16 NegotiateProtocolResponse::DialecIndex

Definition at line 397 of file smb.h.

uint8 NegotiateProtocolResponse::SecurityMode

Definition at line 398 of file smb.h.

uint16 NegotiateProtocolResponse::MaxMxpCount

Definition at line 399 of file smb.h.

uint16 NegotiateProtocolResponse::MaxVcs

Definition at line 400 of file smb.h.

uint32 NegotiateProtocolResponse::MaxBufferSize

Definition at line 401 of file smb.h.

uint32 NegotiateProtocolResponse::MaxRawBuffer

Definition at line 402 of file smb.h.

uint32 NegotiateProtocolResponse::SessionKey

Definition at line 403 of file smb.h.

uint32 NegotiateProtocolResponse::Capabilities

Definition at line 404 of file smb.h.

uint8 NegotiateProtocolResponse::ServerTime[8]

Definition at line 406 of file smb.h.

uint16 NegotiateProtocolResponse::ServerTimeZone

Definition at line 407 of file smb.h.

uint8 NegotiateProtocolResponse::KeyLength

Definition at line 408 of file smb.h.

uint16 NegotiateProtocolResponse::ByteCount

Definition at line 409 of file smb.h.

uint8 NegotiateProtocolResponse::ServerGuid[16]

Definition at line 410 of file smb.h.

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