smheader Struct Reference

#include <smb.h>

Data Fields

uint16 SmbMessageType
uint16 SmbMessageLength
uint8 ProtocolHeader [4]
uint8 SmbCommand
uint32 NtStatus
uint8 flags
uint16 flags2
uint16 ProcessIDHigh
uint8 signature [8]
uint16 reserved
uint16 TreeId
uint16 ProccessID
uint16 UserID
uint16 multipleID
char buffer [16384]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 159 of file smb.h.

Field Documentation

uint16 smheader::SmbMessageType

Definition at line 160 of file smb.h.

uint16 smheader::SmbMessageLength

Definition at line 161 of file smb.h.

uint8 smheader::ProtocolHeader[4]

Definition at line 162 of file smb.h.

uint8 smheader::SmbCommand

Definition at line 163 of file smb.h.

uint32 smheader::NtStatus

Definition at line 164 of file smb.h.

Referenced by HandleIncommingSmbRequest(), and StablishNTLMSession().

uint8 smheader::flags

Definition at line 165 of file smb.h.

Referenced by HandleIncommingSmbRequest().

uint16 smheader::flags2

Definition at line 166 of file smb.h.

uint16 smheader::ProcessIDHigh

Definition at line 167 of file smb.h.

uint8 smheader::signature[8]

Definition at line 168 of file smb.h.

uint16 smheader::reserved

Definition at line 169 of file smb.h.

uint16 smheader::TreeId

Definition at line 170 of file smb.h.

uint16 smheader::ProccessID

Definition at line 171 of file smb.h.

uint16 smheader::UserID

Definition at line 172 of file smb.h.

Referenced by BuildSmbPacket(), and HandleIncommingSmbRequest().

uint16 smheader::multipleID

Definition at line 173 of file smb.h.

Referenced by HandleIncommingSmbRequest().

char smheader::buffer[16384]

Definition at line 174 of file smb.h.

Referenced by AttackWeakServices(), BuildSmbPacket(), BuildTreeConnectAndXStub(), and HandleIncommingSmbRequest().

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