tSmbNtlmAuthResponse Struct Reference

#include <ntlm.h>

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Data Fields

char ident [8]
uint32 msgType
tSmbStrHeader lmResponse
tSmbStrHeader ntResponse
tSmbStrHeader uDomain
tSmbStrHeader uUser
tSmbStrHeader uWks
tSmbStrHeader sessionKey
uint32 flags
uint8 buffer [1024]
uint32 bufIndex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 158 of file ntlm.h.

Field Documentation

char tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::ident[8]

Definition at line 160 of file ntlm.h.

uint32 tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::msgType

Definition at line 161 of file ntlm.h.

tSmbStrHeader tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::lmResponse

Definition at line 162 of file ntlm.h.

Referenced by WriteDataToReportFile().

tSmbStrHeader tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::ntResponse

Definition at line 163 of file ntlm.h.

Referenced by WriteDataToReportFile().

tSmbStrHeader tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::uDomain

Definition at line 164 of file ntlm.h.

tSmbStrHeader tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::uUser

Definition at line 165 of file ntlm.h.

tSmbStrHeader tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::uWks

Definition at line 166 of file ntlm.h.

tSmbStrHeader tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::sessionKey

Definition at line 167 of file ntlm.h.

uint32 tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::flags

Definition at line 168 of file ntlm.h.

uint8 tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::buffer[1024]

Definition at line 169 of file ntlm.h.

uint32 tSmbNtlmAuthResponse::bufIndex

Definition at line 170 of file ntlm.h.

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